Tour in Bacalar

Tour in Bacalar

The tours in Bacalar are something unique and inimitable, in addition to the fact that Bacalar is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, since in its paradisiacal freshwater lagoon, you can see 7 shades of blue. A true paradise!

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Derived from the Mayan "Bakhalal" which means "near or surrounded by reeds", Bacalar has been considered a magical town since 2006. Located 30 minutes from the city of Chetumal, Bacalar is a perfect destination, since it has a large number of tourist attractions, such as: House of Culture, Cenote Azul, Fort of San Felipe, Laguna Bacalar, Museum of Piracy, Main Square, Temple of San Joaquín, among others. So now you know, Bacalar is a mandatory stop that you cannot miss.

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