Do you want to affiliate your hotel? Get more revenue with SUPERPASS!

Rentabiliza al máximo tus instalaciones y servicios sin ocupar cuartos/noche de tu inventario


We are focused primarily at local people aged 18 to 60 who do not need to spend the night and want to break the routine and live a day of relaxation with their partner, friends or family. We are also focused on tourists who did not have the opportunity to stay in a beach hotel or with services such as swimming pool and want to live the experience of being in an all-inclusive hotel. We focus on people who stay in vacation rentals such as Air BnB, HomeAway, linking them to the hotel or beach club through the day pass.


  • The hotel increases its revenue, taking advantage and making rentable its facilities and services, without using nights / rooms.
  • Costs in AyB are reduced
  • The SUPERPASS customer probably has additional consumption already at home.
  • The practice of sneaking into the hotel is discouraged, as SUPERPASS is available to everyone.
  • SUPERPASS customers can become future direct guests of the hotel.
  • Mentions in social networks.
  • Generation of product and brand positioning.
  • More sales in low season.
  • Increase online reputation.
  • Generation of sales and reservations.

How does it work?

  • The hotel or beach club is registered with a username and password and an agreement is signed.
  • Property information, images, prices, cancellation policies, net rate, etc. are loaded.
  • Customers book and a notification is sent to the hotel or beach club
  • The client presents his reservation voucher at SUPERPASS, they register at the reception and enjoy their day pass

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