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Magnificent day passes in Acapulco. Great and famous tourist destination internationally for its beautiful natural environment, its golden sand and warm waters and without forgetting the warmth of its people. Enjoy a day pass at All Inclusive hotels or at a Beach Club. The impressive Acapulco Bay will be the best setting for fun and enjoy the sea with friends or family. Acapulco, a magical destination to enjoy your SuperPass in any of our hotels and Beach Clubs.

In the heart of the coastal Miguel Aleman in the paradisiacal port of Acapulco you will spend a Day Pass at the hotel Emporio Acapulco, where you will find a lot of friends, all of them with the only intention that you enjoy together with your family of the pool, the beach and all the first level facilities. Start your day with a delicious breakfast buffet in our restaurant, enjoy the sun in our lounge chairs and ask our staff for a delicious drink to soothe the warmth that only the wonderful port of Acapulco offers.

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  • 15/dic/2021 to 09/ene/2022
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Enjoy our day pass at Krystal Beach Acapulco located in the famous Golden area where all the fun is gathered in one place. Come to spend an incredible day pass with all your family as we have spaces for all members. Pamper yourself with your day pass Krystal Beach Acapulco as it has an excellent sample of the exquisite Mexican cuisine with touches and regional specialties with a warm and hospitable service that has made Acapulco so famous over the years.

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  • 17/dic/2021 to 03/ene/2022
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Enjoy your day pass in Acapulco Malibu where rest and relaxation are paramount, the beautiful facilities combine tradition and quality, have a nice dip in the family pool or if you prefer take a little sun in the lounge chairs of the pool while you enjoy your favorite drink and a delicious dish of typical Acapulco food. Finish your day with the beautiful sunsets admiring from the waters of the Bay of Saint Lucia.

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  • 21/oct/2020 to 31/dic/2021
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