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Day pass en Day pass en Bacalar

Bacalar, is a small town of pre-Hispanic origin located just 20 minutes north of Chetumal, its beautiful lagoon, characteristic hallmark of the place, shows us the beauty of the ecosystem since here the fresh waters are mixed with the salty waters of the Caribbean Sea creating a fusion of green and bluish tones, hence the name Laguna de Siete Colores or Laguna del Arco Iris comes from. Enjoy this paradisiac place full of mangroves and a very rich and varied vegetation, making it the perfect place for walks and water sports, especially diving inside the underwater caves.

Day pass at Mia Bacalar, a dream for those who enjoy being in contact with nature, since this hotel is in the heart of the beautiful Laguna de Bacalar. This incredible ecological, private and luxurious hotel inspires us to relaxation, tranquility and above all to admire the natural beauty of the place, cross the 7 Colors Lagoon with our kayaks and cool off in our pool. Mia Bacalar offers you a day pass for you and your partner or with the family, it is an unbeatable experience that you will want to repeat week after week, let yourself be pampered with our day pass.

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