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What is a SuperPass day pass?

Day pass is a "day pass" to a hotel or beach club to enjoy its facilities, as well as food and beverages according to the policies of each service. It can be an all-inclusive plan or a credit amount is applied for use in its consumption centers.

What does a day pass include?

The inclusions of each day pass can be found in the information of each hotel or beach club. They can include from access to the pool, use of lounge chairs, towels, food and beverages among other services, it is important to verify well what you have access to with the payment of your day pass and not, this way you can bring additional money to use in the spa, diving lessons, tours or pamper yourself with souvenirs.

How far in advance can I book a day pass?

You can book your day pass up to the same day, depending on the policy of each hotel or beach club, it is best to do so a couple of days in advance, so you can plan your day better and enjoy your day pass from start to finish.

If I am a minor, can I make a reservation for a day pass?

Of course you can book online as long as you are a credit or debit card holder, just remember that, when you arrive at the hotel or beach club, minors must be accompanied by an adult proving their age by means of an official photo ID. Furthermore, only those over 18 and even over 21 can drink alcoholic beverages according to the policies of each establishment.

How do I know if my day pass is confirmed?

Once your credit card is charged, SuperPass will display your confirmation number, as well as a summary of the day pass and the option to download your coupon at that time or the system automatically sends an email with the complete information of your purchase and the link to download the coupon that you must present along with an official identification when you arrive to request your day pass. No need to talk to the hotel or beach club, your coupon is your confirmation.

Do I have to pay anything extra at the hotel or beach club?

Only in cases where the day pass mentions that through SuperPass an advance payment is charged and the rest is paid directly at the hotel or beach club, otherwise you do not have to pay anything extra, it is important to take into account that it includes and not to know what we are entitled to with our day pass. There are cases where a specific amount of the payment is returned in consumption and beyond that amount, the remaining consumption is at the customer's expense. It is recommended that you bring extra money as sometimes you have to leave a deposit for towels or lockers which is returned when you finish using them, this depends on each day pass and policies of our partners.

Is it safe to book on SuperPass?

It is 100% safe, we handle the data according to the protocols established by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (LFPDPPP), in addition we have a security certificate issued by WebTrust SM/TM that guarantees the correct encryption of data, as well as advanced anti-fraud systems and we have an alliance with McAfee Secure and OpenPay by Bancomer.

Can I cancel my SuperPass?

If it is possible to cancel, even on the day of your day pass, we only ask you to contact us by phone or send us an email requesting cancellation. The amount paid in advance can be used as an electronic credit for up to 1 year as long as you have requested cancellation by any of the above mentioned means.

Are the prices different for locals or foreigners?

All prices are the same for locals, nationals and foreigners except the day passes they have in the title ONLY FOR LOCALS.